Tesoro Silver uMax

The Silver uMax is the latest reincarnation of a classic metal detector design. Tesoro made a name for itself with its introduction of the Silver Sabre over 30 years ago. It was the perfect example of a strong and simple metal detector that also offered Silent Search discrimination which is essential for any serious detectorist.

Tesoro’s Silver uMax revisits these classic design philosophies and provides excellent performance and simplicity at an attractive price point for everyone.

Designed with new low noise circuitry, it can easily eliminate ground balance issues. Complementary microprocessor-enabled technology also makes the Silver uMax a modern classic.

Each mode on the Silver uMax runs on its own independent circuit, which help provide the most accurate readings. It is also great at filtering out worthless trash targets by providing a Discriminate dial to adjust the level of metal rejection.

Tesoro’s Silver uMax still highlights the same brand of simplicity it created in the original Silver Sabre. It features less buttons in place of more tactile control knobs which provide a full-range of adjustments for Sensitivity and Threshold settings.

The Silver uMax comes with a 10 inch waterproof search coil as standard and weighs only 2.2 lbs. A singe 9-volt battery can provide 10 to 20 hours of use, while the uMax’s battery tester makes it easy to figure out when it is time to put in new ones before getting caught out in the field.

Tesoro Silver uMax Specifications
  • Brand: Tesoro
  • Model: Silver uMax
  • Manufacture Date: 1997
  • Intended Use: All Terrain, multi-purpose; gold, silver, coin, relic and meteorite hunting; beach hunting
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Battery Type: 1 x 9-volt battery
  • Visual ID Type: None, audio only
  • Number of Target ID Segments: None, audio only
  • Number of Audio Tones: 630 Hz
  • Ground Balance: Fixed
  • Discrimination Type: Turn Knob
  • Number of Search Modes: 2; Discriminate and All Metal, plus Pinpointing
  • Adjustable Shaft length: Yes, 38.5 to 51.5 inches
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
  • Coin Depth Meter: No
  • Pinpoint Feature: Yes, no motion All Metal
  • Frequency: VLF
  • Type of Circuit: 10.6 kHz
  • Coil Type: Concentric
  • Stock Coil Size: 8 inch
  • Suggested Retail Price: $299.00
  • Street Price: $254.15
  • Waterproof features: coil only, fully submersible