Tesoro Tejon Review

The Tesoro Tejon metal detector has won the hearts of many fans with its great power, depth performance as well as stability in the field. Many products that boast very high power are erratic and difficult to use. The Tejon stands out in this regard by being very accurate and easy to use in the field. It also reacts quickly to different target types with its fast retune speed.

One of its great features is the dual discrimination modes which quickly provide critical target characteristics at a flick of a switch.

Users have reported poor performance in highly mineralized ground conditions. The machine also has a tendency to pick up lots of iron and steel according to some user reviews.


  • Excellent depth performance
  • Great power, stability and features
  • Fast recovery speed
  • Dual discrimination modes


  • Discrimination for iron and steel needs improvement
  • Performance in mineralized grounds


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