My 1986 Nissan Project Truck

Took a break from metal detecting and during that time decided to fix up an old junk truck Dad had on his property.

It’s a 1986 Nissan 4×4 and although it was in really rough condition the body was perfect on it. It had no rust and a new transmission. I spent a month with Pops while my wife was visiting family overseas and totally redid the truck.

Here are before and after pics of it. Pretty much everything is new in it including a rebuilt engine, new tranny, new suspension, brakes, and interior I swapped out of a later model Nissan. Even changed the dash out which was an electrical nightmare but managed to complete it successfully and it all works =)

Before Pics:



After Pics




  1. that is cool.
    how much for repair?

  2. Rick quigley says

    Rusty very nice job on the truck H.H…….rick

  3. William Scarborough says

    Great job like putting together a puzzle

  4. Tony Gagliardi says

    nice job

  5. Richard Renner says

    Had a white one just like yours. It was a great truck . Put a lot of miles on it no problem.