Metal Detector Reviews

The following metal detector reviews have been generated by taking feedback from a variety of websites and actual users.These major brands have been known to produce high quality metal detectors and most of the companies have been around for a long time. When shopping for a detector it’s important to buy one from a reputable company that specializes in metal detecting.

Minelab Metal Detector Reviews

CTX 3030 Review
E-trac Review
X-Terra 305 Review
X-Terra 505 Review
X-Terra 705 Review
Excalibur ii Review
Safari Review
X-Terra 705 gold pack Review
Eureka Gold Review
GPX 4800 Review
GPX 5,000 Review
GPX 4,500 Review

Garrett Metal Detector Reviews

Ace 250 Review
AT Pro Review
AT Gold Review
Ace 350 Review
Ace 150 Review
GTI 2,500 Review
Infinium Review
Sea Hunter Mark ii Review

Whites Metal Detector Reviews

Coinmaster Review
Coinmaster Pro Review
Coinmaster GT Review
Spectra V3i Review
MXT Review
MXT Pro Review
DFX 300 Review
M6 Review
TDI Review
Goldmaster GMT Review

Fisher Metal Detector Reviews

F2 Review
Gold bug Review
F4 Review
F5 Review
F75 Review
CZ 3d Review
Gold Bug 2 Review
1280x Review
F70 Review

Tesoro Metal Detector Reviews

Compadre Review
Deleon Review
Silver Umax Review
Vaquero Review
Outlaw Review
Logo Super Traq Review
Cibola Review
Tejon Review
Cortes Review
Sand Shark Review
Tiger Shark Review
Golden Umax Review

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews

Tracker iv Review
Discovery 3,300 Review
Pioneer 505 Review
Quickdraw ii Review
Junior Review
Platinum Review
Lone star Review
Quicksilver Review
Pioneer 202 Review
Fast tracker Review
Time Ranger Review
Tracker ii Review
Discovery 1,100 Review
Pioneer ex Review
Land Star Review

Teknetics Metal Detector Reviews

T2 Review
Alpha 2000 Review
G2 Review
Gama 6000 Review
Omega 8000 Review
Delta 4000 Review

XP Metal Detector Reviews

XP Deus Review
Gold Maxx Power Review