Bounty Hunter Land Star Review

The Bounty Hunter Land Star gets good reviews for its outstanding price-to-performance ratio. Its performance is very close to top-level detectors from Fisher, White’s and others.

Users find that the Land Star’s discrimination mode exceeds expectations and tunes out iron while still being able to single out other metal types. It also has very good depth performance which is able to reliably pick up coins buried up to 8 inches deep.

First timers will have no problem digging up coins, jewelry and other relics even in wet sand with good enough technique. Some have reported that the Land Star’s tendency to create false signals as its main drawback.


  • Offers good value for mid-level product
  • Goes deep enough (up to 8 inches)
  • Works well even in wet sand
  • Excellent discrimination mode
  • Good for coins and rings


  • Tendency to generate false signals

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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