Popular metal detecting blogs

Metal detecting is such an awesome hobby and there are so many great people in the community. People from all different walks of life enjoy it which is why it’s such a great hobby. Here are some blogs I ran across that I find interesting and thought you might enjoy:

Janner53’s Metal Detecting Blog:

Located in England, Janner53 has a lot of great posts about finds, tips, and code of conduct. There’s also a really neat story about when he found a gold coin, you can find it here:

Gold coin found

Randy’s Metal Detecting Blog:

Randy has one of the best find galleries I’ve seen. He’s found many silver and other great finds. Something we have in common is he is passionate about his finds and like to dig a little deeper to discover the history behind something. Here’s a neat article where he discovers the history of an old button he found:

Old button found

Whit Hill:

Whit is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and metal detectorist. She got her first detector off craigslist in 2011 and has been hooked ever since. Check out her personal website here:

Whit Hill

Stout Standards:

Dick Stout has been an authority in the metal detecting community for many years. I can remember when I first started detecting I bought one of his books called “Coin Hunting In Depth” which got me started on the right track.

Minelab Metal Detecting Blog:

Minelab continues to produce top of the line detectors and I’ve been using their machines for several years now with great success. Their blog focuses on in depth reviews, site strategies, gold detecting, plus great information about their new models.



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