My 1986 Nissan Project Truck

Took a break from metal detecting and during that time decided to fix up an old junk truck Dad had on his property. It’s a 1986 Nissan 4×4 and although it was in really rough condition the body was perfect on it. It had no rust and a new transmission. I spent a month with […]

Funny metal detecting videos

A love a good laugh and thought you might enjoy a few funny metal detecting videos I’ve come across. Enjoy! Deep Digger Dan getting owned by a hornet! The best treasure hunting prank ever! Brook gets her dad with a gold coin prank! Guy pranks his friend with a gold coin dig:

Live Metal Detecting Seminar – How to find lots of silver coins and get permission to detect

Great news! I’ll be putting on a live metal detecting seminar on April 7th at 7:30 CST. The main focus of the webinar will be about how to find lots of silver coins and also how to get permission to metal detect private property. The event is 100% free and all you have to do […]