Bounty Hunter Lone Star Review

Users of the Bounty Hunter Lone Star metal detector have nothing but praise for this affordable unit. Many have rated it an excellent choice for beginners with its low price even up to the intermediate treasure hunter. It has minimal controls making it very easy to pick up and turn on without fiddling with overly complicated adjustments.

The Lone Star offers accurate target identification with 3 distinct audio tones, as well as visual indicators. Several reviewers have noted the Lone Star as being an excellent coin shooting machine and very effective for relic hunting. Those hunting on the beach have also done very well by using the Lone Star. Several accessory coils are also available making it a more versatile model.

While the Lone Star offers great performance for its price, it is a more basic unit targeted at beginners and novices. It lacks more advanced features that experienced detectorists with specific needs may require.


  • Great for novices
  • Very easy to use and adjust
  • Low priced
  • Good tone-based target identification
  • Excellent for coin shooting and relic hunting
  • Compatible with optional coils
  • Decent performance on beaches


  • Lacks more advanced controls and features

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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