Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 Review

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 is highly rated as a very effective coin shooting machine, while still versatile for hunting other valuable relics. It has accurate depth measurements and good discrimination for singling out only specific types of treasure.

It is also very easy to use with automatic ground balancing and notch discrimination making it ready as soon as you turn it on. Many users have reported many long years of enjoyment with the Pioneer 202; a testament to its durability and reliability.

The reasonably priced Pioneer 202 definitely exceeds many users’ expectations with virtually no negative remarks about its overall performance.


  • Good sensitivity
  • Excellent coin shooter
  • Durable and reliable after years of use
  • Automatic ground balancing and notch discrimination
  • Ground balance adjustment


  • None noted

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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5 Star Review Large