Bounty hunter lone star

Bounty hunter lone star is an easy-to-use metal detector manufactured by Bounty Hunter. It can be used for a number of purposes including coin shooting and relic hunting.VLF circuitry is the backbone of this metal detector and it requires two 9 Volt batteries for functioning. The operating frequency of Bounty hunter lone star is 6.7 kHz.

Bounty hunter lone star comes with three operating modes. They are all-metal, auto-notch and discrimination. The all-metal mode does not discriminate between substances while prospecting whereas the auto-notch and discrimination modes eliminate the trash items. It also includes a built-in speaker and a ¼” headphone jack.

Bounty hunter lone star is equipped with an LCD display screen, three-tone audio feedback and Five-segment Target Identification for accurate detection of buried targets. The LCD screen shows the mode in use . With the help of the Three-tone audio feedback system, the constitution of the recognized substances can be determined. The Five-segment Target Identification plays a vital role in the identification of targets. This metal detector comes with preset ground balance.

With the ergonomic design, padded armrest and S-Rod handle, Bounty hunter lone star assures comfortable use. An 8″ waterproof concentric coil is incorporated here. This feature packed metal detector is also backed by a Five year warranty from Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter lone star Specifications

  • Brand: Bounty hunter.
  • Model: Bounty hunter lone star.
  • Intended Use:  Coins, Jewelry, Relic.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Battery Type: 2x9V
  • Visual ID Type: LCD display.
  • Number of Target ID Segments: 5
  • Number of Audio Tones: 3.
  • Ground Balance: Preset.
  • Discrimination Type: Unknown.
  • Number of Preset Search Modes:2
  • Adjustable Shaft length: Yes.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes.
  • Coin Depth Meter:Yes.
  • Pinpoint Feature: No.
  • Frequency: 6.7 kHz.
  • Type of Circuit: VLF.
  • Coil Type: Concentric.
  • Stock Coil Size: 8
  • Suggested Retail Price:$ 189.99
  • Street Price: $179.95
  • Waterproof features:  Coil only.