Bounty hunter platinum

The Bounty hunter platinum is a masterpiece of Bounty Hunter. It is a lightweight metal detector with exceptional features like advanced target identification, enhanced depth detection and a large easy to read LCD display screen. It has a four tone audio feedback system, with different tones for different objects. The user is alerted by the tone about approaching targets. He can then look up the LCD screen to have a precise view of the target. One can also view the low battery indicator and depth of the target on the screen.

The Bounty hunter platinum is driven by VLF circuitry and the operating frequency is 7.81 kHz.  An arm strap, padded arm rest and grip are also incorporated here which add to the comfort of users. Four custom modes are included here. They are discriminate mode, pinpoint mode, ground grab mode and all-metal mode. The ground balance adjustment feature of Bounty hunter platinum removes the effects of minerals at the time of exploration in beaches. An interesting feature of this metal detector is the unique target identification number that is generated for each target.

Though Bounty hunter platinum is power packed with features, it is easy-to-use and is free from any setup routines. With advanced detection technology, it enables users to find more treasures and less trash. It comes with a warranty of 5 years. Just switch on the power and you are ready for exploration!

Bounty hunter platinum Specifications

  • Brand: Bounty hunter.
  • Model: Bounty hunter platinum.
  • Intended Use:  Coins, Jewelry, Relic and Beach.
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs.
  • Battery Type: 1x9V
  • Visual ID Type: LCD display.
  • Number of Target ID Segments: Unknown.
  • Number of Audio Tones: 4.
  • Ground Balance: Both Automatic and manual.
  • Discrimination type: Digital Notch.
  • Adjustable Shaft length: Yes.
  • Number of Preset Search Modes: 2.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes.
  • Coin Depth Meter: Unknown.
  • Pinpoint Feature: Yes.
  • Frequency: 7.81 kHz.
  • Type of Circuit: VLF
  • Coil Type: Concentric.
  • Stock Coil Size: 8″
  • Suggested Retail Price:$ 579
  • Street Price: $ 299.95
  • Waterproof features: Coil only.