Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 is a mid-level model belonging to the popular Pioneer series of metal detectors by Bounty Hunter. It is sturdy, full of features and reasonably priced. It operates in four modes. They are All-Metal, Discrimination, Notch and Auto-Notch. It comes with a Three-tone Target ID for the precise identification of targets. This metal detector can identify coin sized objects up to a depth of 10 and larger objects up to 4 feet.

The search coil used in Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 measures 8″ in size and is completely waterproof. The coil is interchangeable as well. Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 comes with GroundTrac automatic ground balance which decreases fake signals and allows it to work in different types of soil. The digital target and depth display of this metal detector makes the identification of buried items an easy task. A low battery indicator is also included here. The iron discrimination incorporated here can be used to leave out nails and other trash during relic hunting.

When you reach the market for purchasing metal detectors, you will surely get confused by the wide range of available products offered by different brands. But the simple controls, user friendly features, Five-Year Limited Warranty and affordable price of Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 will surely grab your eyes. Get it and enjoy the thrills of treasure hunting!

Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 Specifications:

  • Brand: Bounty Hunter
  • Model: Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202
  • Intended Use:  Coins, Jewelry, Relic .
  • Battery Type: 2x9V
  • Visual ID Type: Digital Display
  • Number of Audio Tones: 3
  • Ground Balance: Automatic
  • Discrimination Type: Unknown.
  • Number of Preset Search Modes: 4
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes.
  • Type of Circuit: VLF
  • Coil Type: Concentric
  • Stock Coil Size: 8″
  • Suggested Retail Price: $ 239.99
  • Street Price: $ 167.97
  • Waterproof features: Coil only.