XP Gold Maxx Power

The Gold Maxx Power from XP Metal Detectors has a very high 18 kHz frequency which is extremely sensitive to thin and small pieces of valuable metal that are much more difficult to pick up like gold nuggets, thin coins and small pieces of jewelry. It was designed to provide the most precise real-time feedback using multi-tone audio IDs which alert you immediately of the presence of iron and valuable objects of varying conductivities.

The XP Gold Maxx Power also features a turn knob Ground control making it easy to adjust to different ground mineral conditions and maximize depth performance and sensitivity no matter where you are treasure hunting. A three position Silencer switch provides quick convenient threshold adjustments for the low Iron tone with the ability to tune out all iron signals completely which is especially useful in high trash areas. An Iron Threshold dial functions as a discrimination dial to selectively eliminate unwanted iron signals.

Sensitivity adjustments are also now more precise with the increased resolution available from the control knob

A 9-inch Double D search coil is included as standard. In use, the XP Gold Maxx Power weighs only a total of 3.14 lbs. A Frequency Shift switch provides two frequency options and two wireless headphone signals to help deal with interference problems. A set of FX-01 foldable wired headphones are part of the stock package.

XP Gold Maxx Power Specifications
  • Brand: XP Metal Detectors
  • Model: Gold Maxx Power
  • Manufacture Date: 2006
  • Intended Use: Coin shooting; relic and jewelry hunting; gold prospecting
  • Weight: 3.14 lbs
  • Battery Type: 8 x AA or rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Visual ID Type: None, audio only
  • Number of Target ID Segments: None, audio only
  • Number of Audio Tones: 3-tone audio ID, with Iron Volume and Silencer switch
  • Ground Balance: Manual
  • Discrimination Type: Turn Knob
  • Number of Search Modes: 2; All Metal and Discrimination
  • Adjustable Shaft length: Yes
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
  • Coin Depth Meter: No
  • Pinpoint Feature: No
  • Frequency: 18 Khz
  • Type of Circuit: VLF
  • Coil Type: Double D
  • Stock Coil Size: 9 inch
  • Suggested Retail Price: US$1,281.00 (£849.00)
  • Street Price: US$1033.00 (£685.00)
  • Waterproof features: coil only, fully submersible