Tesoro Cibola Review

The Tesoro Cibola is a great metal detector for coins, rings and even gold pieces. It has very simple controls but has very good depth performance. It is also very lightweight being only 2.2 lbs, which can be attributed to the plastic used.

Users of the Cibola report very good experiences with trash separation especially iron. It does however tend to pick up small aluminum pieces as coins. It does have fast target recovery making sure you don’t miss out on significant finds that maybe too close together.

It does very well in most types of ground conditions but treasure hunters who have to work in high mineral ground and need constant ground balance adjustments should look elsewhere.


  • Excellent at detecting coins, rings and other treasures
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good trash separation
  • Fast recovery time


  • Has tendency to pick up aluminum
  • No ground balance control


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