Tesoro Cortes Review

The Tesoro Cortes is a very accurate and sensitive metal detector. It provides not only numeric target ID readings, it also has a bar graph to help distinguish good targets from junk. The Tesoro’s unique SUM mode provides an even better analysis of the buried target by averaging signal responses recorded by sweeping the coil over the target several times.

A depth indicator shows accurate readings in inches, and the machine offers powerful enough performance to detect objects much deeper than 9 inch maximum depth recording.

Its also delivers great performance even at high sensitivity settings when used in locations with high EMI.

Many have also liked the Cortes’ weight which helps deal with fatigue and is more manageable in the field for long hours of use.


  • Excellent depth even beyond 9 inches
  • Unique ‘Sum’ mode which gives a better idea of the target
  • Good weight
  • Works well even in high EMI locations


  • Bar graph can be erratic and difficult to read


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