Tesoro Golden uMax Review

The Tesoro Golden uMax offers very quiet operation owing to its Low Noise Circuitry design. Owners have reported that it is great at detecting gold rings and other types of jewelry, as well as a perfect coin shooting machine. The easy to use Notch width control provides great discrimination for finding all sorts of valuable metals.

Tesoro has issued a new revision of the Golden uMax to address user comments regarding its 4 available target detection tones. The two middle tones were said too have been to similar sounding to be effective. The company has remedied this by changing the pitch of said tones.

Users are also quick to note the Golden uMax metal detectors lightness.


  • Easy to use Notch filter
  • Good for hunting gold rings, coins and other jewelry
  • Lightweight
  • Recently upgraded to address pitch of tones


  • Difficult to master 4-tone feature in old revision
  • Not the deepest searching model around


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