Fisher Gold Bug 2 Review

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is a highly rated gold prospecting metal detector. For those targeting up to sub-grain sized gold nuggets and flakes the Gold Bug 2exceeds user expectations.

Many users have compared the Gold Bug 2’s performance with other gold machines, and it comes out on top with regard to depth and sensitivity to gold pieces.

The iron discrimination mode is very good at filtering out unwanted signals and giving excellent feedback for the most desirable targets.

Being an advanced model, users recommend that first-time users and beginners to metal detecting practice and read the manual to get the best performance out of the Gold Bug 2.
o pick up even small gold and silver pieces, as well as coins and other relics and treasures.


  • Great for finding small gold pieces, sub-grain sized
  • Outstanding depth performance
  • Effective iron discrimination mode


  • High learning curve for beginners

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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5 Star Review Large