Fisher F5 Review

The Fisher F5 metal detector is a great mid-priced contender that’s chockfull of advanced features. It has several useful readouts like Target ID numbers, an Fe304 meter and depth measurements.

Owners report that the F5’s controls are easy to manipulate with its intuitive menu system. Some note that it’s not without its learning curve though. Reading the manual is important to take advantage of the excellent performance the F5 offers.

The F5 is also reported to have very fast target recovery and great manual ground balance controls. Depth performance is also at par with some of the best that’s in the market


  • Good depth
  • Fast target recovery
  • Easy to use control interface
  • Easy to ground balance
  • Target ID system
  • Multiple tone options


  • Best performance comes with learning curve

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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