Fisher F2 Review

The Fisher F2 metal detector is quickly gaining a lot of loyal fans with its excellent set of features coupled with a relatively low price. Newbies and old pros alike will find the 2-digit target ID system and 4 audio tones very accurate and great at identifying precious metals and relics.

It is very easy to operate and also lightweight. Users have reported the F2 to have fast recovery even if targets are close together.

The F2 also offers added versatility with its optional accessory coils. It can even be purchased with a complete bundle of three different coils suited for most types of treasure hunting scenarios.


  • Lots of features for a low price
  • Good recovery speed
  • Easy to operate
  • Accurate Target ID system
  • Lightweight
  • 4 audio tones
  • Compatible with optional accessory coils


  • None noted

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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