Fisher F75 Review

The Fisher F75 is a high end metal detector that delivers outstanding depth performance reaching up to 12 inches underground. Users are delighted by the F75’s recovery speed which helps make sure no target goes unnoticed.

Adjusting ground balance in difficult ground conditions is very easy and effective. The F75’s ground balance phase readout provides critical information regarding ground mineral levels. The intuitive menu interface allows a multitude of different adjustments

A backlit LCD screen also provides excellent readability of all available target information such as Target ID, depth and Fe3O4 readings.

Some users have reported trouble with EMI and RFI causing chatter. The extensive options the F75 may also be difficult to learn for first time users.


  • Outstanding depth performance
  • Fast seeking
  • Easy to use ground balance features
  • Intuitive menu interface


  • Requires careful adjustments for best performance
  • Can be affected by EMI or RFI

Ratings: 5 Star Review
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