Sterling flatware, old coins, and silver ring – Metal detecting finds

These goodies were found on a huge hillside. It was probably used as a sledding hill or could be where kids played.

Path in the woods gives up 1837 Bust half dime – Metal detecting find

It was a beautiful day out and I decided to detect next to an old picnic grove area where I had found multiple coins from the early 1900’s and late 1800’s. There was a small trail that led off into the woods and I decided to focus on that area. After getting a good signal […]

Awesome 6 silver 3 quarter day with standing liberty – Metal detecting finds

Dad and I spent the day detecting in a large picnic grove that I got permission to hunt. He found a few silver dimes and some wheeties. Total finds for me was a no date standing liberty, 1964 Washington, 1941 Washington, 1948 rosey, 1952 rosey, 1903 Indian head, 5 wheats, and a sterling ring.

Dad and I have an 11 silver day – Metal detecting finds

I managed to land permission to hunt an old picnic grove area that was situated between a bunch of residential houses. It didn’t take long to realize this was a honey hole so I called dad up to join me. On one of his first visits Dad found a Walking Liberty Half, standing quarter, and […]

Hand engraved silver spoon – Metal detecting find

I found this silver spoon detecting in an old picnic grove area. It’s hand engraved with the words “Christian Church Columbia MO” on it. After searching online I found another one similar to it from around 1908.

Awesome silver coin spill makes 8 silver day with 2 halves – Metal detecting finds

Dad and I decided to do some sidewalk and house hunting for the day. I ended up pulling the Walker half right in the side yard of an old house and a barber dime next to the sidewalk. We decided to hit a park we had been to before but this time I focused on […]

4 silver coin spill by old tree – Metal detecting finds

While driving by a site I had pulled many silvers from, I noticed the chain link fence surrounding the place had been removed. I immediately went home and got my detector and started swinging. The fence ran about a foot away from an old tree and sure enough I got a good signal there. After […]

Penny inside silver – neat metal detecting find

I was in an old school yard when I discovered this neat little find. It was about 8″ deep and when I dug it up I didn’t know what to think. At first I saw the silver shine and thought I had a coin. Then when I wiped the back off it looked like the […]

Solid Silver Knight Order Legion of Honor Medal found metal detecting

I found this French Legion of Honor medal in an old churchyard. Not sure about the age but it’s solid silver and quite an interesting find.

Seated Half Dollar and Albino Squirrel – Metal Detecting Find

It’s not very often you get two gems in one day, but when you do it usually comes unexpectedly. Dad and I were metal detecting residential houses and ran across one that was built in 1964. It wasn’t something I’d usually be excited about bus since Dad enjoys jewelry hunting we decided to stop by. […]