Best cheap metal detectors under $300

Best-Cheap-Metal-Detectors | CutaplugIt’s important to be careful when shopping for the best cheap metal detectors. If you buy a cheap detector from an off name brand then it will probably be made in China and  have poor quality electronics. A better choice would be to purchase an affordable brand-name unit from a company that specializes in metal detecting.

For a cheap detector of high quality you should expect to spend around $150 to $250 for a starter model. Here is a list of the best cheap metal detectors that are made by reputable companies.

Most popular cheap metal detectors:

Tesoro Compadre

Tesoro Silver Umax

Garrett Ace 150

Garrett Ace 250

Teknetics Delta 4000

Fisher F2

White’s Coinmaster

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw ii

Bounty Hunter tracker ii