Best metal detectors for kids

Metal detecting is a great hobby for kids and adults alike. The following is a list of detectors that are perfect for kids because they are easy to use, lightweight, and the turn on and go style so they can get started right away.

The Bounty Hunter Jr. would be perfect for young children as it is the most basic and simple to use. The other units would work well for older kids around the age 7 and up since they have a few more features and room to grow.

Tesoro Compadre – A very high quality turn on and go detector that would be perfect for a child or beginner. They have great circuitry and solid construction with a lifetime warranty.

Garrett Ace 150 – A step down from the popular ace 250 this unit is perfect for kids.

Bounty Hunter Junior – Excellent for very young children because it is the most affordable and simple to use. Keep in mind it won’t have the performance capabilities of the other models.

Bounty Hunter tracker ii – Good quality unit with pretty good performance. These can usually be picked up for pretty cheap online but would be a step up from the bounty hunter jr.