Garrett Sea Hunter Mark ii Review

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark ii is a great sea and beach hunting machine. It’s relatively simple to use and waterproof up to 200′. If you’re planning on searching trashier beaches then the Mark ii will likely not perform as well as other machines such as the Garrett AT Pro, Excalibur ii, or Fisher CZ-21. For shallow freshwater hunting for jewelry or coins the AT Pro would be much better choice.

If the areas you’re hunting offer little trash then the Mark ii is an excellent pulse induction machine at an affordable price. Most users of the Mark ii really liked the machine with the majority giving it a 4.5-5 star review.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for saltwater beaches and scuba diving
  • Waterproof to 200′
  • Excellent depth
  • No motion use allows for better pinpointing in surf


  • Many users complained of poor discrimination
  • Won’t work on mineralized soil conditions or hot rocks.

Ratings: Four Star Review
Kellycodetectors  4.5 Star Review  4.5 Star Review





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