Garrett AT Gold Review

If you’re interested in gold nugget prospecting the AT Gold has very high reviews and would make a great all around detector as well.  Having a true metal mode with threshold and running at 18khz makes this unit very sensitive to lower conductivity targets such as gold nuggets.

The AT Gold is also completely waterproof down to 10′ which makes it perfect for hunting freshwater streams for gold. One thing to note is that the AT Gold will not work well in salt water so if you’re wanting to hunt for gold jewelry in salt water then the AT Pro would be a better choice.

If you’re looking for a detector for prospecting with coins and relic mixed in then this would be a great option. If you’ll be coinshooting and looking for gold jewelry then the AT Pro would likely be a better choice. AT Gold users were very satisfied with the detector according to reviews.


  • 18khz frequency great for lower conductivity targets such as small gold
  • Audio Threshold Present
  • Has true all metal mode
  • Entire unit is waterproof up to 10′
  • Lightweight


  • Won’t work in salt water or salty wet sand
  • No Notch Descrimination

Ratings: Five Star Review
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