Garrett GTI 2500 Review

If you’re considering a high end metal detector there is always a debate about which unit is “the best”. The Garrett GTI 2,500 has many bells and whistles that are enticing but many users that have used other high end machines prefer other options.

There are several units around the same price range as a GTI including the Minelab E-trac, Fisher F75, Whites V3i, and even the significantly lower priced Garrett AT Pro. The overall star ratings appear to be decent but after reading many forum posts from actual users comparing high end machines the GTI 2,500 falls short as an all around machine.


  • Large Display
  • Imaging feature displays size and depth of target
  • Hip mount battery pack for reduced weight


  • Reletively heavy overall
  • Lacks the performance of other high end machines

Ratings: Four Star Review
Kellycodetectors  4.5 Star Review  4.5 Star Review





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4.5 Star Review Large

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