White’s MXT Pro

The MXT Pro introduces new innovative features to the wildly successful MXT metal detector from White’s Electronics. Fans of the original will be happy to see that the MXT Pro still has the same high performance and now has improved versatility and usability features. It still carries the same accurate VDI Target ID number and text-based target labeling readouts of the MXT. A new touchpad control panel provides even more convenience to the already functional control set of the original MXT model. This feature rich display is now backlit making it ideal for any lighting environment.

Audio feedback has also been improved with the inclusion of 7 audio tones making it easier to separate targets by ear. VCO and Mixed Mode audio are still available on the MXT Pro. The Pro’s Relic mode adds the new Iron ID feature which lets you distinguish different iron conductivity levels in targets.

The new Ground Grab feature also makes it easy to re-calibrate ground balance settings when the device is set to lock ground tracking via the grip trigger. The MXT Pro still offers the same versatile ground tracking features designed to address mineral and salt issues in the ground.

The new stock search coil measures 12 inches and increases the MXT Pro’s depth range and ground coverage making it a more powerful machine. It also comes in a new matte black finish which is powder coated making it even more durable and rugged.

White’s MXT Pro Specifications
  • Brand: White’s Electronics
  • Model: MXT Pro
  • Manufacture Date: 2010
  • Intended Use: all-purpose; prospecting; gold, silver, coin, relic and meteorite hunting; beach hunting
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Battery Type: 8xAA, optional rechargeable battery pack
  • Visual ID Type: LCD, backlit digital display
  • Number of Target ID Segments: VDI Target ID number and labels
  • Number of Audio Tones: 7 tones; Music Notes setting, 2 tone with VCO variable pitch
  • Ground Balance: Automatic ground tracking with Ground Grab
  • Discrimination Type: Turn Knob
  • Number of Search Modes: 3 presets, Coin and Jewelry, Relic, and Prospecting
  • Adjustable Shaft length: Yes, 45 to 52.5 inches
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
  • Coin Depth Meter: Yes, trigger activated
  • Pinpoint Feature: Yes
  • Frequency: 14 kHz
  • Type of Circuit: VLF
  • Coil Type: Concentric
  • Stock Coil Size: 12 inch
  • Suggested Retail Price: $899.95
  • Street Price: $899.95
  • Waterproof features: coil only; fully submersible