White’s Spectra V3i

The Spectra V3i from White’s Metal Detectors is an outstanding multi frequency model, allowing you to choose one of three frequencies for any situation while taking advantage of the increased depth offered by other single frequency models. Where single frequency detectors usually fail in wet salt sand at high sensitivities, the multi-frequency V3i excels. Its AutoTrac automatic ground tracking allows it to calibrate its performance as the ground mineralization conditions changes. It also features Soil type selections and ground filters for the best performance possible.

The V3i has a high resolution backlit color display making visual confirmation of information a breeze along with its 3×3 Target ID system featuring a VDI target ID and depth readouts, icons and graphical display screens which make use of graphs for accurate identification of target signals. The Polar Plot Vector Screen utilizes the advanced built-in display to show graphical representations of phase and strength of each of the three frequencies to identify targets more accurately. Other analysis and graphical tools allow easier interpretation of the information recorded by all three frequencies.

Another new feature is Stereo Mixed mode which produces only All Metal audio in one ear and Discrimination audio in the other. With both functions working at the same time possibility of detecting more targets increase than normally would be possible with just a single mode. The Prospecting Scan shows a scrolling graph indicating changes in mineral content, making it ideal for searching in highly mineralized areas.

The stock coil is a 10 inch Double D waterproof search coil. A rechargeable NiMH battery pack is included, as well as a set of Wireless SpectraSound headphones.

White’s Spectra V3i Specifications
  • Brand: White’s Electronics
  • Model: Spectra V3i
  • Manufacture Date: 2009
  • Intended Use: all-purpose; prospecting; gold, silver, coin, relic and meteorite hunting; beach hunting
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Battery Type: rechargeable NiMH battery pack or 8xAA
  • Visual ID Type: LCD, color, backlit
  • Number of Target ID Segments: 3×3 Target ID system; VDI Target ID number with Spectragraph
  • Number of Audio Tones: variable pitch plus VCO and Stereo Mixed mode
  • Ground Balance: AutoTrac ground tracking; automatic, manual
  • Discrimination Type: Digital Notch Discrimination
  • Number of Search Modes:  19 presets
  • Adjustable Shaft length: Yes, 44.5 to 52.5 inches
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
  • Coin Depth Meter: Yes
  • Pinpoint Feature: Yes
  • Frequency: 2.5, 7.5 and 22.5 kHz
  • Type of Circuit: VLF, multi frequency
  • Coil Type: Double D
  • Stock Coil Size: 10 inch
  • Suggested Retail Price: $1,499.95
  • Street Price: $1,499.95
  • Waterproof features: coil only; fully submersible