Huge mansion gives up 7 silvers and modern coin cache – Metal Detecting Finds

These finds were from a day hunt dad and I did and a huge mansion. There was trash everywhere but we managed to sniff out many silvers and I also got a film canister full of quarters. The little charm matches another one I found at the site. Dad found the large silver hand crafted […]

10 Silver coin day from public park – Metal detecting finds

The first place people detect at when they start out is public parks. They’re easy to access and usually have had a lot of traffic for years. For this reason a lot of parks have been hunted hard and have little to offer for the average detectorist. If you use the right equipment and look […]

Silver dime trifecta from an old residential house – Metal detecting finds

Dad and I spent the day hunting an old residential house. I ended up getting a silver dime trifecta and almost got a 2nd one. Also got an Indian head, a few rings, and old Seagrams token.

Large mansion gives up 11 silvers in one day – Metal detecting finds

These finds were from a day hunt Dad and I did at an old mansion that’s been in use since the early 1800’s. We had an awesome day and ended up with a lot of silver and other neat finds. I got a silver quarter, 1 merc, 5 roseys, a silver charm, and 3 silver […]

Sterling flatware, old coins, and silver ring – Metal detecting finds

These goodies were found on a huge hillside. It was probably used as a sledding hill or could be where kids played.

Path in the woods gives up 1837 Bust half dime – Metal detecting find

It was a beautiful day out and I decided to detect next to an old picnic grove area where I had found multiple coins from the early 1900’s and late 1800’s. There was a small trail that led off into the woods and I decided to focus on that area. After getting a good signal […]

Awesome 6 silver 3 quarter day with standing liberty – Metal detecting finds

Dad and I spent the day detecting in a large picnic grove that I got permission to hunt. He found a few silver dimes and some wheeties. Total finds for me was a no date standing liberty, 1964 Washington, 1941 Washington, 1948 rosey, 1952 rosey, 1903 Indian head, 5 wheats, and a sterling ring.

Dad and I have an 11 silver day – Metal detecting finds

I managed to land permission to hunt an old picnic grove area that was situated between a bunch of residential houses. It didn’t take long to realize this was a honey hole so I called dad up to join me. On one of his first visits Dad found a Walking Liberty Half, standing quarter, and […]

Hand engraved silver spoon – Metal detecting find

I found this silver spoon detecting in an old picnic grove area. It’s hand engraved with the words “Christian Church Columbia MO” on it. After searching online I found another one similar to it from around 1908.

Awesome silver coin spill makes 8 silver day with 2 halves – Metal detecting finds

Dad and I decided to do some sidewalk and house hunting for the day. I ended up pulling the Walker half right in the side yard of an old house and a barber dime next to the sidewalk. We decided to hit a park we had been to before but this time I focused on […]