Old bulldozed home gives up lots of silver quarters – metal detecting finds

Dad got a tip that that an old lady used to throw change out the back door of her home. He went there and detected for an hour or so and ended up with a few silver quarters, silver dime, and abut 200 pennies from what looked like a broken jar painted red. He called me up and I joined him the next day. At the end of the day I ended up with 5 silver quarters, a few wheaties, and some other odds and ends.

When I talked to Dad more about it he said there was a girl that found silver coins on the surface there and I think whoever told Dad just assumed the lady threw change out the back door. I found some broken glass with red paint with the silver quarters and what I think happened is there were some coins in the house when they dozed it and then ended up getting scattered around. Here’s a picture and video of some live digs below =)




  1. Love your videos,and your web sight,keep doing it.
    I have always love to explore the out doors,and still do. have never bought a MD,but I AM soon,but I thought I’ve had pretty good luck without one,THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT,and again love your videos,and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Rusty Craig says

      Thanks Dwight! Good luck when you get your detector and Merry Christmas to you and fam too =)

  2. Hey Rusty: I started detecting in 1973 and have good success finding coins/rings,etc., but havn’t been able to bring myself to knocking on doors…..yet. I have 2 Etrac’s and a Garrett AT Pro for water detecting and doing yards if it’s raining too hard to use my Etrac. I watched your webinar and you covered all the bases and should help a lot of beginners and experienced detectorist. My favorite places to detect are yards and older ball fields (in right field.) One of my better yards got me 26 Indian heads and 6 silver coins. I’m 73 and tomorrow I’m going door knocking…..all they can say is yes or no. Oh yeah, Ive always preach to my club members, LOW & SLOW !! I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Gladstone) and our club is the only one in the entire U.P. Keep making those GREAT VIDEOS and good hunting 2 u.

    • Rusty Craig says

      Thanks for the kind words Bill! Good luck going door knocking tomorrow =) I was reluctant too after returning after a break but trust me once you knock several doors it becomes really easy. GL and HH!

  3. Clement M (Mike) Hodges says

    Hello, Rusty, What words do you say to the person answering the door? How do you say these words? I am new to all this, but I love history & hunting for old coins in the greater Houston, TX area. Thank you! Mike Hodges from Cypress, TX

    • Rusty Craig says

      Hi Mike,

      I’ll be talking about my exact script as bonus material for an upcoming training video. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get a notification when it goes out =)