Minelab E-Trac Deep Silver Coin Settings

A lot of people have been asking for my deep silver coin ┬áMinelab E-Trac settings that I use in my live digs. I finally got around to putting them up so here they are. I’ve used the E-Trac with these settings and a NEL coil to consistently pull silver dimes at a measured 9-10″.

Discrimination pattern:


For the pattern I use the Andy S. patter and it has been great. Be sure to check out his book on the E-Trac. If you want to be a pro at it then it’s a must read:

The Minelab Explorer & E-Trac Handbook by Andy Sabisch
Sensitivity: Manual 27 (May need to adjust lower depending on ground conditions).

Audio Settings:

Threshold – slight hum.

Volume limit – You want to hear it but don’t blow your eardrums out =)

Volume Gain – 28. A high gain will allow you to hear deep coins loud and clear.

Response – Normal

Threshold Pitch – 15

Tone ID:

No. of Tones – Multi

Sounds – Conduct

Variability – 29

Limits – 30

Expert Settings:

Recovery Deep – Off

Recovery Fast – Off (turn it on if you run into a lot of trash).

Trash Density – High

Ground – Difficult

Noise Cancel – I’ve found that this number doesn’t matter much. If you get EMI then change it, otherwise don’t worry about it.

Here’s an example of some deep coin live digs using these settings. If you go to time 6:35 there’s a live dig of a 9-10″ silver dime:



E-Trac Emulator Download (from minelab.com)

US Coins File (from thebeepgoeson.com)

How to install the US Coins File:

1. Download the file to your computer (leave it zipped).
2. Move the zipped folder to the following folder on your computer – C:\Program Files\EtracEm-V1-en\datazips
3. Once the US Coins file is in the datazips folder you’ll be able to open it in the emulator.


  1. Christopher S. says

    Going to give these settings a go today. Hopefully some nice silvers will pop out.

    • Rusty Craig says

      Good luck Chris! Those are the settings I did all my live and deep silver digs with on the e-trac. I’m now using the CTX but Dad is running those and had a 6 silver day this week with them.

  2. Hey Rusty,

    I watch you a lot on youtube and I’m running the Safari. I want to upgrade to the etrac, so I’m kinda familer with the tones and operation. I mostly hunt cellar holes and ghost towns. If I run Andy’s program will Iron null out silver if they are both under the coil? If I understand it correctly, Andy’s program would not be a good one to go with in a trashy site such as a ghost town or cellar hole, correct? In this case, how would you set up the etrac to hunt these places? TTF? Does TTF program come with the etrac or do I have to set it up?

    Like I said, I want to up my game in detecting and I’m buying an etrac and Andy’s book. But I trying to learn as much as I can from you guys on youtube. I’ve been detecting with the safari for over 4 years now and feel its time to upgrade. Any more advice you can think of, please feel free to pass on. Thanks man, I appreicate it.

    • Rusty Craig says

      Yes TTF would be better than Andy S. if there is a lot of rusty iron present. You can find TTF settings online =) If you’re focusing on those types of areas you might even look into an XP Deus or something that excels in the rusty nails and stuff. If it’s really trashy then a small coil would be better in that area.

  3. Been using an Etrac now for a year and I just do not understand all of this pattern and discrimination program stuff everyone talks about. I have the book by Andy and I have downloaded all the patterns and things and plugged them into my machine but that is as far as I can figure out what to do. I try to choose a program and a pattern but I never can figure out if it loaded or not. Half the time I might find a coin or two and then another time same place I will find several. Is there some way to know exactly which pattern and program you have loaded? I get so frustrated I usually just go and try to load the factory default program just so I can find something at least. Can you give each program and pattern a name and then is there a way for the machine to show you by name what you have loaded?

    • Rusty Craig says

      Instead of downloading them I would start from scratch and set them up manually yourself so you can learn what they are and how they work. I think it tells you at the top of screen what mode you are in but honestly you should be able to just look at the pattern and know that after you have an understanding of what patterns are and which ones you have. My Dad doesn’t have a clue about any of that stuff so I just set him up with the exact settings shown here and he goes to town with it. You only really need one solid mode and I think you may be over complicating things. I use the same mode about 99% of the time.

  4. What size coil are you using ? I’m assuming the 15 inch ?

  5. Hey thanks for the tips appreciate it just got me an Trac can’t wait to learn this beast of a machine love the vids keep em coming !!!

  6. Kevin McCrory says

    Rusty what about settings for the CTX for deep silver?

    • Rusty Craig says

      For the CTX I literally just copied my Andy S. pattern over and ran multi tones. I can’t remember the exact settings but honestly people get too caught up in the perfect settings and don’t spend enough time analyzing audio signals and digging targets. I spent about 10 minutes setting the CTX up and started detecting.

  7. KS PullTab says


    Life Rule no. 1

    Just because someone says it does not always make it’s truth.

  8. Morgan Riddle says

    Rusty your videos are killer and have been helping me a lot learn the Etrac. I appreciate you sharing your settings and I look forward to trying them out tomorrow. Later Morgan

  9. Ronnie Cameron says

    Just picked up a e Trac and its driving me crazy on set ups and pin pointing . But still finding coins [clad] but learn it the machine , tons of fun to run. Just trying to program in Andy,steep silver. Program . Let ya know how that goes but its such more of a machine th and the whites v3i….. I hated it never did well with it [ never ] found silver..

  10. Just so you know your US Coins File (from thebeepgoeson.com) link is no longer available.