First seated dime just 2 inches under the surface – metal detecting finds

It always seems like my greatest finds come when I least expect them. This 1876 CC seated dime was found just a few inches under the surface in a church yard right in the middle of the city. It rang up loud and clear so I plunged my digger in thinking it was a clad dime or something. When I saw the silver I couldn’t believe it. My first seated dime and I put a nasty scratch right down the front because I assumed it was just another coin.


They funny part is I found it in a city with a very active club of about 30 members. How could this seated go undiscovered for so many years, especially in a hard hit area like a church yard? It’s like that old tootsie roll pop commercial “the world may never know”.


  1. scratch or no scratch.. its a great find may the force be with you

    • Rusty Craig says

      Thanks Tony! Since I started using the big shovel my number of scratches have decreased significantly =)