Minelab X-TERRA 705 Review

The Minelab X-Terra 705 has gotten rave reviews for being an excellent relic hunter, coin shooter and gold nugget hunting machine. Combined with the optional high frequency 18.75 kHz search coil it becomes a true blue gold prospecting metal detector.

It has several preset modes including a beach mode for better salt mineral ground balancing. Noise cancellation is also reported to be very good. Users have also noted the excellent functionality of the multi-tone audio mode which corresponds to the 28 target ID segments giving great target separation.

It is not as turn on and go as some other entry level units, but users report a relatively easy learning curve to help maximize the machine’s full potential.


  • Very sensitive
  • Good for gold prospecting especially with optional coil
  • Versatile machine with Beach mode
  • Multi-tone with 28 target segments
  • Good noise cancelling


  • More complicated than entry level units


Metaldetectorreviews.net 5 Star Review
Kellycodetectors 5 Star Review
Metaldetector.com NA





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