Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting CutaplugMetal detecting is a fun hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Valuable items like old silver coins, gold jewelry rings, and relics have been lost throughout the years and there are literally millions of items just beneath the earth’s surface. Discovering these forgotten objects is exciting and a great way to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends.

The picture to the right is just a sample of the thousands of interesting items I’ve found. All you need is a detector and digging tool to be on your way to finding lots of old coins and other neat finds.

The following pages will help you learn more about the hobby so you can find lots of neat old objects:

How to metal detect for beginners:

Part 1- What is Metal Detecting?
Part 2- Equipement and tools
Part 3- Using your detector
Part 4- Where to Metal Detect
Part 5- Types of Metal Detecting
Part 6- Metal Detecting Terms

Other cool metal detecting topics:

Finds and videos
Detecting Tips
Equipment Checklist
Our Blog

Other Resources:

Popular books on the hobby
Popular Magazines